Guests shall, at their expense, and throughout the period of the rental, keep the property in a state of cleanliness and in good condition and repair. Guests acknowledge that at commencement of the rental, the property is in good and substantial repair except for any defect guests may report to the owner during the first day of the rental.

Guests shall leave the property in good repair, partially cleaned, dishes washed, all waste and bottles separated appropriately and disposed of.

Any unsafe or dangerous condition must be reported to the owner immediately. Guests acknowledge that the use of the property is entirely at their risk. Guests shall indemnify and save harmless the owner against and from any and all expenses, costs, damages, suits, actions or liabilities arising from any and all loss of or damage to personal property, injury or death resulting from the use of the rental property, surrounding grounds and gardens. The owner has no responsibility nor liability for any injury or damage caused to a guest or their possessions during the course of their stay.

Guests have full responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the rental for the period stated.